Unique, Powerful - Abstract Sculpture by Mark Chew

Artist Statement



I want my work to inspire others to do what they love to do, maybe even what they have not had the courage to attempt before.  My hope is that you will see and feel the power - the energy in each piece.  I choose to transform and energize each piece through cutting, welding, forming and cutting again to capture and retain the power. 


There are no templates to follow, no design specifications, nor boundaries to stay within.  Everything is free-flowing, unique and bold.  The process starts with a series of free form sketches, sometimes adding smaller scale models or full sized flat layouts at final design for communicating a commissioned project.  Various forms of hot and cold metal forming are incorporated.  TIG welding, brazing and mechanical fastening are some of the processes used in fabrication.  The final finish is somewhere between the vast extremes of rough ground jagged edges and highly polished mirrored finishes, often reflected within an individual piece.  To maintain the highest standards, I personally perform the creative aspects in my work concerning the design and fabrication. 


Hoping you will enjoy my work and share it with the world.








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